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Re: Delphi packages in a CVS repository

From: Matt Riechers
Subject: Re: Delphi packages in a CVS repository
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 08:20:44 -0500

Jens Berke wrote:
> I'm using Delphi and have DPK-package-files stored in a CVS repository.
> Now every time I change the package's options (for example turn
> "Assertions" off), not only the DOF and CFG file of the package are
> changed, but the DPK-file as well (for example it changes one line from
> "{$ASSERTIONS ON}" to "{$ASSERTIONS OFF}". My WinCVS client now will
> tell me that the DPK-file has changed - though it hasn't really.

Yes it has, per your previous sentence. Is there another file you didn't

> Even
> worse, if I commit the file, others updating their CVS-sandbox will get
> the new DPK with changed options (with their own options been lost).

Only commit needed changes. You can try backing up your local changes and just
make any necessary changes to the repository, w/o destroying your config. 'cvs
up -C' may help.

> Has anyone experience with Delphi-packages in a CVS repository?

No, but this happens with other files, like IDEs. Most IDEs seem to generate
other files that are only required for that session, and can be safely discarded
afterward. Perhaps you have accidentally added one or more of these to CVS?


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