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I need help copying the working directory

From: Vágvölgyi Attila
Subject: I need help copying the working directory
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 14:56:40 +0100


  My friend has a slow and expensive connection at home, so I would like to
save her the cost of checking out a whole project from there. I thought, I
could checkout at my workplace, then bring it to her place with a help of a
mobile rack, and she would have a complete working dir at home. Then she
could only make the updates/commits from home, that would be much fewer

  After I copied the whole checkout - with the timestamps preserved - all
the files looked updated.

  Usually I use cvs command-line under Linux, but she will use Win98, so I
sought a Win on my workplace, installed jCVS ( and checked out
with it. After copying the working dir preserving the dates (tricky, I
needed WinRAR to preserve directory dates), I added the copied working dir
to jCVS, and it found all the files to be modified.

  After some reading, testing, examining, I retried it with WinCVS, the same
happened. The timestamps in ./CVS/Entires agree with the file timestamps, no
absolute positions are remembered in the working directories, and the
clients guess somehow the compromise.

  After running through the FAQs and archives, I didn't got the solution, so
please, if anybody has some idea, what information makes the clients think
the files are tampered, or knows how to copy a working directory, help me!

  Thanks, and a fine day for everybody:    Vágvölgyi Attila

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