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Best Practices

From: stremler
Subject: Best Practices
Date: 10 Nov 2001 00:00:32 GMT
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Okay, I've been mulling over the advice from Greg A. Woods, James Youngman
and friends, and have been smacked with a gotcha from an exiting coder who
has screwed up my CVS tree.

Drastic measures are called for. And since I'm being drastic, why not
go all the way and reorganize everything?

I'm going to continue the practice of placing checked-out branches in
specially named directories.  I will continue the practice of exporting
the appropriately tagged drops.

I'm also going to chop up the tree into seperate modules, and jar up
exported drops to handle the necessary dependencies, which will naturally
have $Name$ tags embedded in key places to identify the drop in question.

Basically, I'm trying to identify my hidden assumptions, in an attempt
to flush out the 'gotchas'.

I'm looking for any other practices that have worked for other folks,
as apparently the ones I have in place are not quite appropriate for
the developers who interact with the system (and sometimes, each other). 

 "So much for THAT policy."                     |   address@hidden
                    -Calvin (_Calvin & Hobbes_) |      Stewart Stremler

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