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Files not getting checked out

From: Davy M. Belk
Subject: Files not getting checked out
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 01:30:52 GMT

I recently upgraded a machine to RedHat Linux 7.1, and now when I check
out one of the modules in our software repository, I am missing one file
in the top level directory and one file in a subdirectory.  The
repository is nfsmounted on the system.  Under RH Linux 7.0, 6.2, and
6.1, and from an SGI Irix OS, the module checks out completely with no
problem.  The cvs version is 1.11 on the RH 7.1 system.

When I specifically name the missing files with a cvs update, they get
checked out, yet a cvs update (no files named) within the directory will
not get the file even though it is missing.  As a test, I used cvs
remove to remove the file from the active cvs files in the module, and
then deleted the whole local directory and used cvs checkout to get the
module back.  Another file was missing!  One that was getting checked
out fine before.
Any ideas?



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