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cvs import problem

From: Mohit Lad
Subject: cvs import problem
Date: 12 Nov 2001 08:45:37 -0000


I've a cvs repository set up on a Red Hat 6.2 machine.
I'm using PSERVER access method and the cvs version is 1.11.

I can import a trivial sample dir structure (shown below) to it & can checkout 
the same properly.

|-- Readme.txt
|-- myproj.cxx
|-- myproj.h
|-- a-subdir
|   `-- whatever.c
`-- b-subdir
    `-- fish.c

The problem is that when I try to import a real project it throws an error as 

$ cvs im -m "initial import" sip mohit start
enable to write, file SIPParser.cxx
No space left on device                                                         

The partition that hosts the cvs repository has enough space on it (in GBs). 
The project is in MBs.
What could be the problem. Please help.

Hope someone helps me out quickly. Thanks in Advance for the time & effort 

Thanks & Regards,

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