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Problems with undelete

From: hship
Subject: Problems with undelete
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 14:58:42 -0000
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I have a file I deleted, the undeleted (using the procedure I found 
on this group).

I had some problme after undeleting it, a cvs update or export would 
not necessarily find the file ... at least until I made a subsequent 
change.  Then things worked fine.

Now I've switched to a new CVS client.  I was using Cygwin CVS on 
Windows 2000.  Now I'm using the CVS client built into the Eclipse 

Eclipse sees the file as deleted, and keeps trying to remove it from 
my workspace ... even after I did a commit of changes from within 

Here's a history of the file:

As you can see, its still in the Attic, even though it is no longer 
dead.  Is this correct?

I've added an Eclipse bug about this, but (to be honest) I still 
don't know whose right, or if there's a workaround.  I think Eclipse 
won't be happy until the file is out of the Attic.

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