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problems merging form an empty branch, how do we avoid a ROLLBACK?

From: Thomas-A Heinrich
Subject: problems merging form an empty branch, how do we avoid a ROLLBACK?
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 17:20:13 +0100

Hello info-cvs,

attached is a wincvs graph of a file:
(See attached file: missmerge.jpg)

but in order to elaborate I will try to sum it up:

we have the trunk and 2 branches


1.11 has tags MERGE_0
                  and branch tag FIX


1.13 has tag MERGED_1
          and branch tag FIX_5_1 has tags MERGED_DM_2

1.14 has tag FIX_5_1_MERGED_EURO_1

Here is what we did:
1. until 1.10 we worked on the trunk
2. we then created a branch on which bugfixes were to occur (FIX was the branch 
3. when we wanted to merge we marked the branch MERGE_0, MERGE_1 for late comers
4. on the trunk we then did an update against the tag version MERGE_1, work 
continued on branch FIX and trunk (DEV).
5. at a later point we needed another branch (another version delivered), 
branch tag FIX_5_1.
6. we merged the FIX branch to the FIX_5_1 branch by updating against the 
difference between MERGE_1 and MERGE_DM_2
   (the head of FIX) (= labelled MERGED_DM_2)
7. after that we merged the difference between FIX_5_1 and  
FIX_5_1_MERGE_EURO_1 to the trunk (1.14 FIX_5_1_MERGED_EURO_1).

Now since 1.11 branches FIX without any versions on the branch, merging FIX to 
FIX_5_1 (4.-5.) this was unfortunately equivalent to ROLLING
BACK to a previous version, eliminating changes (insertion of a function) in 

-->> Where do we abuse CVS. Intended was a right to left merging of branches to 
the trunk, NOT the rollback ???

This was just an example -- other things failed as well.


Tom Heinrich


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