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Re: problems merging form an empty branch, how do we avoid a ROLLBACK?

From: Mark
Subject: Re: problems merging form an empty branch, how do we avoid a ROLLBACK?
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 05:34:16 -0800 (PST)

For your #6:

Personally I only allow branch merges to occur between parent and child
branches, not siblings or other. In your case, branch FIX would have been
merged to the head and closed (no more work on it) before branch FIX_5_1 was

In any case, you left out how you did the merge. Without know how the merge was
performed, it is hard to provide feedback. This is how I think you should have
done the merge here (assuming tag MERGE_1 represents the latest on branch FIX
that was already merged to the HEAD)
     - Inside a CVS workarea sticky to branch FIX_5_1
     - run this command
          > cvs update -jMERGE_1 -jFIX <filename>
     - I would recommend a tag MERGE_2 for to mark the latest on FIX merged, if
you do this, run this command instead
          > cvs update -jMERGE_1 -jMERGE_2 <filename>

This should bring all changes on branch FIX that were not on the HEAD when
branch FIX_5_1 was made, into branch FIX_5_1.

NOTE: Since you merge FIX_5_1 to HEAD, you should not merge FIX to the HEAD

7) Same thing here, how you did the merge was not identified. In combination
with the 6) above and assuming that tag MERGED_DM_2 represents latest on branch
FIX_5_1, then this is what I think you wanted to do.
     - Inside a CVS workarea updated to the HEAD
     - run this command
          > cvs update -jMERGED_DM_2 <filename>

I hope this helps and that I understood you correctly.


--- Thomas-A Heinrich <address@hidden> wrote:

> Here is what we did:
> 1. until 1.10 we worked on the trunk
> 2. we then created a branch on which bugfixes were to occur (FIX was the
> branch tag)
> 3. when we wanted to merge we marked the branch MERGE_0, MERGE_1 for late
> comers
> 4. on the trunk we then did an update against the tag version MERGE_1, work
> continued on branch FIX and trunk (DEV).
> 5. at a later point we needed another branch (another version delivered),
> branch tag FIX_5_1.
> 6. we merged the FIX branch to the FIX_5_1 branch by updating against the
> difference between MERGE_1 and MERGE_DM_2
>    (the head of FIX) (= labelled MERGED_DM_2)
> 7. after that we merged the difference between FIX_5_1 and 
> FIX_5_1_MERGE_EURO_1 to the trunk (1.14 FIX_5_1_MERGED_EURO_1).
> Now since 1.11 branches FIX without any versions on the branch, merging FIX
> to FIX_5_1 (4.-5.) this was unfortunately equivalent to ROLLING
> BACK to a previous version, eliminating changes (insertion of a function) in
> 1.13.
> -->> Where do we abuse CVS. Intended was a right to left merging of branches
> to the trunk, NOT the rollback ???
> This was just an example -- other things failed as well.

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