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Delete file / undelete, problems

From: Ship, Howard
Subject: Delete file / undelete, problems
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 09:48:27 -0500

I deleted a file from my CVS repository, then had to undelete it.

After I undeleted it, I had some trouble with the CVS tools, in that
update and export ignored the file (wouldn't copy it to the workspace).
I eventually solved this problem by making changes to the file and
committing them.  Since then, no problems using CVS client (Cygwin on
Windows 2000 Pro).

Here's the history of the file.

Now, I've switched to a new CVS client, the CVS support built into the
Eclipse IDE (

It just doesn't like; it won't check it out of the
repository.  If I manually copy the file into my workarea and then
synchronize, it wants to delete it from my workarea (since it "doesn't
exist" in the repository).

I'm pretty sure Eclipse is in error here (and I've added a bug), but the
correct CVS behavior in this deleted, undeleted scenario is not well
documented.  At the very least, I'm looking for a workaround.  Should I
have the SourceForge admins manually move the ,v file out of the Attic
and back into the main directory?  Shouldn't CVS have done that when I
undeleted the file, or certainly after I committed a new revision to the
undeleted file?


Howard M. Lewis Ship
Senior Java Developer

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