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What could go wrong with this scenario?

From: Marcel van der Boom
Subject: What could go wrong with this scenario?
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 16:35:37 +0100
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I have a repository with let's say 5 projects (5 toplevel directories below CVSROOT) For each project a unix group exists and users which are in this group are the only users allowed in each project.

From time to time (actually after each new file and possibly after each commit) I would like to check permissions on these projects.

The docs suggest I might use the loginfo file for this with a entry like:

DEFAULT: /script/to/

Essentially the script should change all group and ownership assignments of all files below the project dir with something like

chgrp -R cvs_project /cvsroot/project
chmod -R 770 /cvsroot/project

This however changes permissions all files including ,v files. The manual mentiones that the ,v files are created read-only and I should not change these permissions.

- Is the loginfo mechanism the right way to do this? Any alternatives?
- Should I explicitly exclude the ,v files in the script? What happens if I don't.
- Any other considerations?


Marcel van der Boom
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