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Re: Problem with WinCVS1.3b6

From: Vera Albrecht
Subject: Re: Problem with WinCVS1.3b6
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 15:45:37 GMT

>I get no answer in the bottom window, even for cvs -v. And an
>errormessage occures for "Admin->Macros Admin->Get the cvs version"

After posting this message I got the version number(dont know the
reason), but others still does not work.

Admin->Macros Admin->Tcl->List the modules on the server
i get the message:

cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot fdopen 3156176 for read: No such file
or directory

I use rhosts authorisation and have CVSROOT
(the @ is added automatically)

Any ideas? Please help me!


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