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need Help! Problem with WinCVS1.3b6

From: Vera Albrecht
Subject: need Help! Problem with WinCVS1.3b6
Date: 15 Nov 2001 02:09:51 -0800

Sorry for my dumb question.

But after spending a hole day on this problem I ask for some help.

When Daylight saving time is changed, my old files on the
NTFS-Harddisk changed mystically their time stamp by 1 hour back. I
have today learded by microsoft: this is by design...

But WinCvs1.2 can not handle this mysterium (my old filed seemed to be
modified) and so I tried an update as recommended.

Installing WinCVS1.3b6
Installing Python2.1.1

And now WinCvs does not work.

After some tries the Version number (cvs1.11.1.1) comes, but for:
Admin->Macros Admin->Tcl->List the modules on the server
I get the message:

cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot fdopen 3156176 for read: No such file
or directory

And for: Admin->Macros Admin->get the cvs modules I get the message:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 1, in ?
  File "D:\Programme\GNU\wincvs
1.3\PythonLib\cvsgui\", line 209, in DoCmd
  File "D:\Programme\GNU\wincvs 1.3\Macros\", line 12,
in Run
    code, out, err = cvs.Run("co", "-c")
  File "D:\Programme\GNU\wincvs 1.3\PythonLib\cvsgui\", line 37,
in Run
    self.m_code, self.m_out, self.m_err = _cvsgui.RunCvs(args,
_cvsgui.error: cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot fdopen 3156176 for read:
No such file or directory
cvs returned an non-zero error code (1)

I use rhosts authorisation and have CVSROOT
(the @ is added automatically)

What did I missed?
Any ideas? Please help me!

Many thanks

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