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Eclipse IDE as CVS client

From: Ship, Howard
Subject: Eclipse IDE as CVS client
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 09:54:32 -0500

IBM has recently released on open-source Java IDE, Eclipse.

Eclipse is a kind of "tool platform", into which all sorts of plugins are added.  Its very dynamic.

It has an excellent Version Control Management plugin that does CVS.  In fact, it does CVS and SSH.

The CVS client is implemented in Java, so it works right out of the box without other downloads.

The CVS plugin is better than any Windows CVS client I've yet seen (such as WinCVS and jCVS).  In fact, I think Eclipse IDE is useful just for the CVS support!

It uses a slightly different model than most tools.  Instead of explicity "cvs update" and "cvs commit" it has a synchronize command.  This brings up a tree showing all incoming and outgoing changes.

For each change, you see comparison of the workspace file vs. the repository file.

You can selectively accept changes and selectively release changes.  You can select individual files or entire directories.  You can do the work piecemeil.

I've been using it to manage my Tapestry SourceForge project ... what's great is this saves me from having to explain all the details about downloading the Cygwin tools and configuring SSH.

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