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Re: CVS and Excel

From: Wim Kerkhoff
Subject: Re: CVS and Excel
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 10:34:04 -0800

> > > Mark Hewitt wrote:
> > >
> > > I have a colleague who wants to derive some code development
> > > tracking metrics for our CVS hosted products.  This needs to
> > > be done using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in a relatively
> > > automatic way.
> >
> > How complicated is the spreadsheet? It could be generated via
> > script as a
> > comma-delimited file that Excel could import directly.

> I think 'very' is the word we are looking for here!
> It has embedded buttons and events that go and get the
> latest values and perform all manner of HTML publication,
> manager and QA notification by email, graph plotting and
> enquiries to other tools providing requirement management
> and test result tracking etc., etc.
> A static capture just won't work here, I'm afraid.

How about having the complicated spreedsheet pull in data from the
simple (data only) spreadsheet, which can be generated by some perl
script? Doesn't Excel support formulas across worksheets/files?  If
Excel can't reference other files, then importing the sheet from a file
should do the trick...

Just an idea... theortically it should work, although I haven't done it
myself yet.


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