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rsh repository connection OK over dialup network, not OK over LAN

From: Greg Matheson
Subject: rsh repository connection OK over dialup network, not OK over LAN
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 20:08:35 +0800
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This is not a cvs problem. It is a rsh problem which is
preventing me from using cvs, so tell me where to go if this
list is not appropriate. I have cvs running on a FreeBSD server,
and I can run local cvs commands, but although client/server
mode connecting via rsh is working when I connect via a dial-up
network, it is not working over a LAN.

I can checkout and update on the FreeBSD box using rsh, from an
IBM Thinkpad running cygwin on top of Windows 98SE, but only
while using the DHCP server of my ISP, connecting over a dial-up
network. Trying to run a cvs command on the same Thinkpad
connecting through a DHCP server on a university LAN near my
home, I get the message,

$ cvs checkout wp Login incorrect.
cvs [checkout aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)

I get the same rsh message, connecting over the network at school
where the server is, from a PC with cygwin installed on top of
Windows. Here the IP address is not dynamically assigned.

I don't think I am making a mistake with the IP addresses on the
LAN that I am entering in .rhosts on the FreeBSD machine.  The
dynamic IP addresses I get on the LAN, as revealed to me by the
Windows program, winipcfg, are also right, because I can connect
and login to the cygwin telnet and ftp servers, and run commands
remotely with rsh, on the Notebook and PCs under cygwin from the
FreeBSD box.

Strangely enough, when I run rsh without any commands from the
machine on the LAN, as the same local user as I am on the FreeBSD
server, I get a password prompt from rlogin and can login

Something seems to be disabled under some circumstances.
Incidentally, passwords are not encrypted in /etc/passwd. They
are in /etc/master.passwd, apparently. Is this a factor, perhaps?

Is a FreeBSD list a good place to ask about rsh?

I don't want to ask the admins here to mess with inetd.conf so I
can set up the password server. The FreeBSD machine is sometimes
under a load, and I don't think they will welcome more servers
on it.

Greg Matheson
Chinmin College, Taiwan

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