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permissions(?) problem

From: Roni Abusch
Subject: permissions(?) problem
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 09:59:27 +0200

I have a very strange situation in my cvs system, and I'll appreciate any

I wrote a script that checks the message the users enter in the commit, and
placed it in a cvsscripts directory. 
I added the needed lines to verifymsg and checkoutlist.
The user that own those scripts is the root, and the group is cvs.
When I try to make changes from my own username (not root) it works great,
but whenever anyone else (who also a member of cvs group) tries to made
changes, he gets a message that the script file cannot be found.

The file is there, and with my username it works great. Does anyone have any
idea what can be the problem?


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