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WinCVS Client & CVS server out of sync

From: Kim Kuylen
Subject: WinCVS Client & CVS server out of sync
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 16:27:15

Hello all,

Unfortunatelly one of our CVS-servers crashed. We lost a lot of data that was stored in the CVS-tree. We tried to restore as much data as possible. However, now we have the situation that some clients are out of sync with the server, and when they perform a cvs-update they loose all the files that have no ,v file on the cvs-server. (Wincvs deletes them)
The message of the WinCVS client is:

cvs server: test.txt is no longer in the repository

What is the best flow to follow to make the damage as low as possible?

Thanks in advance,
Kim Kuylen

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