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Re: Request to add ability to list files in cvs repository

From: David Taylor
Subject: Re: Request to add ability to list files in cvs repository
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 20:22:25 -0800

I find viewcvs ( ) does a fine job of
displaying this info.


Kerry Keal wrote:

> Hi,
> What I would like is a cvs command to list files in a cvs repository,
> maybe something like: cvs ls . The command should support the common
> command flags (-D -l -r ) such as: cvs ls -r rev1 .
> Another nice feature would to be able to list all the tag names for a
> particular file with something like -t.
> Output might be something like
> This would list all the files in the cvs repository
> cvs ls -t .
> module1/file1.c
> module1/file2.c
> module1/file3.c
> module2/fileA.c
> module2/fileB.c
> module2/fileC.c
> Here all revision names in module1 are listed.
> cvs ls -t module1
> module1/file1.c:rev1,rev2,rev3
> module1/file2.c:rev1,rev2,rev3
> module1/file3.c:rev3
> In this case all revisions up to rev2 are listed.
> cvs ls -t -r rev2 module1
> module1/file1.c:rev1,rev2
> module1/file2.c:rev1,rev2
> Is there any chance of getting this type of functionality into cvs? Any
> comments about the proposed format. I'm willing to help do some coding
> if that is what it would take to get this functionality into cvs.
> Regards,
> Kerry
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