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cvs client suddenly "permission denied" when updating directories

From: Thomas Voss
Subject: cvs client suddenly "permission denied" when updating directories
Date: 21 Nov 2001 05:11:05 -0800


after upgrading my linux distribution (SuSE 7.0 -> 7.3),
my cvs client has problems with creating new directories
into the workingspace.

After saying
$> cvs update -d progdir

I get:
cvs [update aborted]: cannot make directory CVS in progdir: permission

The new directory 'progdir' has been successfully created by the cvs
update, but it seems cvs has problems with creating the inner 'CVS'
directory. This happens every time I try it. It might also be problems
in conjunction with NFS, because my workingspace is in the NFS. But
the clock is synchronized, my umask is ok (027), and there are no
problems when creating a directory manually (e.g. I also can crete the
'CVS' directory by hand inside the 'progdir' after cvs update has

Can anyone give me a hint with my problem?

Greetings, Thomas

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