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[Win To Unix] Commit does not work due to file permissions

From: Andreas Jaeger
Subject: [Win To Unix] Commit does not work due to file permissions
Date: 21 Nov 2001 16:50:49 -0800


I've got a CVS repository on a UNIX file server which is accessible from 
Windows workstations using Windows shares, in this particular case
"\\grobi\ifgi\projects\fas\CVSREP". I.e., the clients see the CVS as
part of the "local" file system. 

We access the repository from WinCVS 1.2 /1.3beta clients either via 
the GUI, or via command prompt, or via JBuilder (Java Development IDE)
using the cvs.exe provided with WinCVS. 

On the Unix file server, permissions are set to r--r--r-- and the 
committer takes ownership whenever somebody puts (commits) a file into the 
repository. While this allows anybody to update their local copies, 
it prevents them (except the owner) to commit a new version. This
makes CVS pretty much non-concurrent. I'm not very familiar with
UNIX, so I do not understand why the file permission is made so 
restrictive, and how UNIX CVS clients would deal with the situation (i.e.
change the permissions such as to be able to edit the repository). 


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