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Re: Problem with WinCVS1.3b6

From: Vera Albrecht
Subject: Re: Problem with WinCVS1.3b6
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 12:39:20 GMT


thanks but hmmm, I had the idea of going to the new version from this
site, I did the recommended update, and even after that I got the
problem described above. 

While pressing 
'Admin'->'Macros Admin'->'Tcl'->'List the modules on the server'
I get the message:
 cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot fdopen 3156176 for read: No such file
 or directory

Can anybody say whats going wrong? What did I missed?


On 15 Nov 01, at 10:45, R Bresner wrote:

> Howdy --
> We had the same problem here and I posted a little while ago.
> Here is a link I got in response:
>  Microsoft KB Q129574
> Hope it helps.
> Robert Bresner
> address@hidden

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