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Install pb on HP_UX 11.00

From: phil
Subject: Install pb on HP_UX 11.00
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 13:04:50 +0100

I have to install a cvs server at work . I had no problem with Debian or 
FreeBSD , but  i have to install it on a HP_UX 11.00 machine .

Do you know a FAQ or links about this specific OS ? I 've already spend
days to have Samba working ... I think i don t like HP :-) 
The cvspserver runs , i can login , but never manage to have rights on it ... I 
can t
read nor write in the repository , acces is denied for differents reasons
each time  I try a different conf , but alway denied at end .

Thx a lot , just for  a link please .


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