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Re: LockDir option in CVSROOT/config

From: Peter Kroon
Subject: Re: LockDir option in CVSROOT/config
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 16:29:35 +0100

"Reinstein, Shlomo" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> Hi,
> We're using CVS on both Windows and Linux, using the ":local:" access
> method. Our repository is located on AFS, from Linux it's accessible
> "/afs/...", and from Windows the repository is accessible using some
> letter that is mapped to the root of AFS.
> I now want to use the LockDir option in CVSROOT/config to change the
> location where CVS creates its lock directories, but I have a problem:
> do I specify a directory in a way that will be meaningful to CVS on
> Windows and Linux? If I use "/afs/...", CVS on Windows won't accept
> and if I use ":local:z:\...", CVS on Linux won't accept that.
> I know that the natural solution is a CVS server - but it's not
trivial for
> us to switch to client/server because of some administrative issues,
and it
> will take time until we get there. For the mean time - how do I make
> work? I noticed that I cannot specify relative locations (e.g.,
> Is there an option to specify the directory relative to the CVSROOT?
> Shlomo

We've run into a similar problem and have the same questions.
 The repository is on an NFS server.
Two Linux systems need access to this repository.

System A is our CVS server and accesses the repository as an NFS mounted
directory /home/...

System B is our web server which runs the cgiweb.cgi script (by Bill
Henner Zeller, Henrik Nordstr?m, Ken Coar) which requires local CVS.
system already has its own local /home and has to mount the NFS
as something other than /home. We use /rhome.

As the cvsweb.cgi script needs local CVS the server solution doesn't

As cgsweb.cgi requires write access for creating the lock files, and we
want to give the web server write access to the repo, we though that
using LockDir in CVSROOT/config would be a good option. But with the
problem Shlomo describes this seems to be impossible.

We were also wondering where exactly the lock files go when no LockDir
is specified. And whether LockDir specifies an absolute path or
relative to the root of the repository, or ....?

Peter Kroon.

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