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Pb while making several cvs remove

From: David D
Subject: Pb while making several cvs remove
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 15:59:13 +0100

My system a cvs under windows 2000.

I have a lot of same file in different dir,
I make a
find -type d -path "*authlib" -exec cvs remove {}/.htaccess \;
I remove by
find -type d -path "*authlib" -exec rm -f {}/.htaccess \;

I have a several make cvs commit to make it.

Now I have a :
cvs commit [15:55:22] waitong for david look in my depot dir/project, n it's
waiting ....

Before having this message I make another :
find -type d -path "*authlib" -exec cvs remove {}/.htaccess \;

n I have several .htaccess already scheduled to remove ....

What I have to do 4 having a commit ???

Thanks .....

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