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Read and write permissions

From: Janning Vygen
Subject: Read and write permissions
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 15:07:02 +0100


i am quite new to cvs and my question might be based on a 
misunderstandig of important concepts.

i have a repository in /home/cvsroot
serveral projects are imported like

with subdirectories like this:

There are three developers of project1 
Now i want to give every developer read access to the whole project1 
but only write access to a special directory. 

this way developer 3 can access and write ./xml but can`t write 
./buildscripts and ./xsl. But he has still read access, so he can 
still test his modifications in his own work directory.

I read the cederquist and it/he tolds me to manage it with groups but 
it doesnt work because cvs claims that you need write acces to 
checkout because of writing any lockfiles.

any hints to clear the fog?


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