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problem in assigning permissions....

From: Thirumal Raj
Subject: problem in assigning permissions....
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 13:26:01 +0530

I am new to cvs ...
First ,tell me in what way we can assign permissions to group members in the
project.If so tell whether its depend on the operating system or the CVS.For
example I have set up my repository in server as /usr/local/cvs under which
all the projects reside.As explained in cederquist I formed a group for each
project whichas ADMIN and GROUP MEMBERS and I want to define the separate
permissions for both of them.I want to make all the commit operations via
the ADMIN..Tell me how can it be resolved?????.How to configure the LOCKDIR
in CVSROOT/Config file???????? if I want set permissions in file level.

Thanks in advance

rgds raj....

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