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cvs admin -k ??

From: Moises Zanabria
Subject: cvs admin -k ??
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 10:03:13 -0600

Hi Guys:

According to the CVS manual:
"On unix, if there is a group named cvsadmin, only members of that group can run cvs admin (except for the cvs admin -k command, which can be run by anybody). This group should exist on the server, or any system running the non-client/server CVS. To disallow cvs admin for all users, create a group with no users in it. On NT, the cvsadmin feature does not exist and all users can run cvs admin."

But if I try to use the "cvs admin -k" command on a file in the XXX repository,I get the error message:

cvs [server aborted]: usage is restricted to members of the group cvsadmin

If I check the membership of the group cvsadmin, I find that it does in fact have users in it. So it appears that the CVS manual is wrong ????, or there's something else a foot.

Is there a way to restrict access to cvs admin in general, but still allow all developers to modify the keyword substitution mode?


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