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RE: CVS commitinfo trigger question

From: Andy Baker
Subject: RE: CVS commitinfo trigger question
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 18:51:29 -0000

cvs -n status works fine in my commitinfo script. Are you running the latest
version of CVS?

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From: Bill Buie [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 29 November 2001 17:41
To: address@hidden
Subject: CVS commitinfo trigger question

So far I have not found anyone who can answer the question below.  If you
can answer the question, I would greatly appreciate it, or if you can't then
I would also appreciate a pointer to someone who could.
I want to use a commitinfo trigger that will require a script of my design
to complete with zero status before permitting checkins to certain branches.
The most obvious way to tell what branch a file is being committed to would
be with the cvs status subcommand, but I have run into a catch.  The cvs
commit subcommand locks the repository such that the commitinfo script hangs
when it tried to invoke the cvs status subcommand.
I have found a way to do this which I don't like: modify the source on the
client and the server such that the sticky tag and version is passed on the
command line to the script invoked by commitinfo.  However, I would much
prefer to use unmodified CVS with its standard protocol for communications
between client & server and permit my users some flexibility with regards to
their favorite CVS client.  Note that I explicitly want the script to run on
the server, which will be running Linux, and not the client, which may be
running Linux or Windows.
Surely I am not the only CVS user to attempt this. What is the standard way
of doing it?

Thanks very much,


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