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who merges? cvs client or server?

From: jak
Subject: who merges? cvs client or server?
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 20:07:09 GMT

In a client/server cvs setup, which portion actually performs the
merge? Specifically for cvs update -j A -j B.

The basis for this question is that working through the news group,
I've noticed that 1.11 and earlier versions of cvs have a couple of
merge bugs. Additionally, I've a very large merge to perform from head
to a development branch and obviously need that to go as smoothly as
possible. Unfortunately, our cvs server is 1.10 vintage and upgrading
it may take a couple of weeks at least (lrg co.) and I need to merge
before then. 

My hope is that the merge takes place in the client in which case I
could use the latest client and move on. Or am I off base completely?

Thanks for any info,


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