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dirq v1.0-beta is available

From: Paul Sander
Subject: dirq v1.0-beta is available
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 17:30:30 -0800

Sorry for the off-topic posting, but as CVS admins are often interested
in storage management issues, this could be of use to many of you.

The dirq package provides a couple of tools that help with storage
management by implementing queues of directories.  Directories may also
have state assigned to them, and some of their state values can implement
measures of quality (e.g. build is good/bad, test passed/failed/n-a).
When queues fill, the quality of each directory is assessed based on its
state, and the "worst" directory is removed to make room for new ones.
Directories may also be preserved (i.e. made immune from removal via the
normal mechanism).

In addition to the usual queueing operations, the package provides tools
to query and modify the state of individual directories, and to query the
state of the queue as a whole.  A locking mechanism minimizes race
conditions due to concurrent updates.  The package is also general and open
enough to be incorporated into larger systems.

The package is available at and
feedback is welcome.

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