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Re: CVS Reporting

From: Guy Scharf
Subject: Re: CVS Reporting
Date: 30 Nov 2001 17:36:12 GMT
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address@hidden (Larry Jones) wrote:

> Guy Scharf writes:
>> I need to produce a report of all files in a repository updated
>> within some date range.  I want the report to include any log
>> comments on changes made during that period.
> A good starting point would be (for example):
>      cvs log -d'2001-01-01<2001-12-12' .

Thanks.  That is a good start.  I added -N and got close to what I want.

However, I find this is listing all files, including those whose only 
change is the addition of a tag.  I am interested only in files with new 

I could just pipe the results into an awk script to isolate the 
revisions.  However, I am having to make this report over an internet 
connection and would prefer to avoid the extraneous volume.  Is there a 
way to select just files with new revisions?


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