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Connect to CVSNT server in wincvs 1.3 client

From: kose
Subject: Connect to CVSNT server in wincvs 1.3 client
Date: 30 Nov 2001 21:17:45 -0800

I wanna connect to CVSNT Server by ntserver authentication mode in
wincvs client.
I set Admin Preferences in wincvs as follows.

authentication : ntserver
path : c:/cvs
host address : tiger
user name : kose
CVSROOT : address@hidden:c:/cvs

However when I login to server, I cannot login to server.
Wincvs output pane displays error messages as follows.

 Set the password authentication first in the preferences !

The lan environment in my comany does not use Windows Domain or
Workgroup at all.
All the client machine and server is Win2000 professional machine
which is deployed as stand alone type.
Thus, the user account is mananged independently as pc to pc basis.

But the user name and password of server and client is equal.
I wanna know if I should install win2000 server for domain controller
or I did some mistakes in the preference setup or I missed some points
regarding CVS setup.

Thanks in advance for any comments and responses, Bye.

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