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local CVS to manage configuration files under Linux

From: Mark Mynsted
Subject: local CVS to manage configuration files under Linux
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 17:14:32 GMT
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Would somebody point me to an URL that describes the best way to use
CVS on one machine, locally, to manage configuration files under
Linux?  I have set this before, but do not recall what I did.  It
seems like there was something special I needed to do in order for
root to be a CVS user.  I also want to make sure I do not open any big
security holes, i.e. making files that should only be read by root be
read by everybody.

My own configuration files normally in /home/mmynsted.  I think I had
to create a directory called /home/mmynsted/etc.  That directory was a
checked out copy of my configuration files.  They were then symlinked
back to /home/mmynsted, so they would work as the applications
expected, e.g. my .emacs and other emacs init files.


Allow root to manage configuration files, and allow me to manage my
own configuration files with CVS.

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