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Re: Tags question

From: Colm Murphy
Subject: Re: Tags question
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2001 10:27:59 +0000
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Hi Mark,

I posted a similar question a while back and was sent the following script by one Robert Bresner. It works a treat.

        #!/usr/bin/perl -w

        my $Flag = 0;
        while( <> )
          $Flag = 1 and next if( /symbolic names:/ );
          if( $Flag )
             if( ! /^\s+(\S+):/ )
                $Flag = 0;
             $Tag{$1} = 1;
        map{ print "$_\n"; } (sort keys %Tag);

cvs rlog <module> | perl

Note that cvs rlog will only work with cvs 1.11.1.p1.

Mark Lancisi wrote:

Is there a cvs command or utility that you can run on a given project/module that will give you a list of all the tags present therein?

thanks in advance!


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