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Re: Viewing a list of projects

From: Robert Thorpe
Subject: Re: Viewing a list of projects
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 19:40:14 -0000

On 4 Dec 2001, at 11:07, Larry Jones wrote:

> Robert Thorpe writes:
> > 
> > Is there any plans to introduce a command to do this more directly?
> There has been a patch posted here to add a "cvs ls" command.  Adding it
> is very low priority since you can always just add entries to the
> modules file so that "cvs co -c" will work.

What you are saying is that I should make a pointless alias in the 
modules file to the modules in question and whenever I wish to 
create a new module I must do the same.  I don't know how to 
write module file entires, I will have to learn and then add the 
pointless entries you describe.  I could but why should I?  Surely 
the purpose of software is to provide an easy and powerful ways to 
do things.  CVS ought to provide a command so that the modules 
can be listed.  It wouldn't take a day to write and every user would 
appreciate it.

Is the attitude of the CVS developers "it was hard to write so it 
should be hard to use?"

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