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Logging checkouts

From: Jeff Echtenkamp
Subject: Logging checkouts
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2001 15:22:16 -0800

I'm managing a set of "library" type functions that
people will be using on other projects.  Due to the
nature of this repository, there is a chance I won't
know everyone personally who is checking things out,

This sounds like a pretty straight forward problem,
but is there an easy way to track who has checked
out something from my repository, so that, god forbid
I find a bug in my code, I can see who all has
it, and make sure they get the latest patch?
Right now, we do this via a GNATS database, but
this requires that people look routinely in the
GNATS database to see what has changed... I'd
like to be a bit more proactive than that... because
someone could have cut a release that they thought
was ok, and be done with it... and then lo and
behold 6 months later they hit my bug only to
find out it was solved 6 months ago, and they
didn't bother checking things.

(If possible also reply to my email address as well)



Jeff Echtenkamp                            address@hidden
Backend Design Engineer                           (949) 585-5136 
Broadcom Corporation 
16215 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92618

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