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Re: Resonable Place for LockFiles?

From: Janning Vygen
Subject: Re: Resonable Place for LockFiles?
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 18:13:13 +0100

Am Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2001 17:14 schrieb Larry Jones:
> Janning Vygen writes:
> > What is a reasonable place for LockDir Directive in
> > CVSROOT/Config?? Can i put it anywhere in the filesystem?? Should
> > i put it outside of the repository? Can I just say
> > LockDir=CVSROOT/LockDir which seems to me a reasonable place. any
> > hints?
> You can put it anywhere you like.  Since users are constantly
> creating and deleting files and directories in it and there's no
> need to preserve it across a system shutdown (or crash), you can
> significantly improve CVS performance by putting it on an in-memory
> (or at least asynchronous) filesystem if you have one.  On many
> systems, somewhere in /tmp is a good choice.  You should not put it
> inside the repository lest someone accidentally (or intentionally)
> try to put regular files in it.

Very comprehensive answer. Thank you. 

Should be put in the manual, too. I Saw many questions already on 
this list about LockDir and read/write permissions with many 
developers. It seems to be an important topic and it isn't described 
so well in the manual (im talking about cederquvist, of whom i think 
its the official manual)


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