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Re: Forcing locks on files when checked out..

From: Martin Ellison
Subject: Re: Forcing locks on files when checked out..
Date: 5 Dec 2001 13:53:45 -0800

> I'm hoping to find a server-side only config, because the induhvidual
> settings would have to be done by yours truly if they're gonna be done at
> all.. (I need a rather authorative/authoritarian setup for just about
> everything here).

The problem is that the client and the server need to collaborate on
this (if you are using the pserver mode -- otherwise there is no
'server side'). Noel's patch works in two phases and both of these
phases need to be done on the client as well as the server. You can
patch the server to check whether a file is already being edited and
refuse to add another editor. But the client *thinks* it has
successfully edited (i.e. locked) the file, so the user thinks they
have a lock and they only find out the horrible truth when they go to
commit the file.

The cvsnt people ( have rolled in Noel's patch into
their fork, so you could use it for the client. The latest beta of
wincvs ( allows you to use the command-line client of
your choice (i.e. winnt) as an intermediary. As long as your users do
all this, they presumably shouldn't get the problem -- if someone else
is editing the file, it wouldn't show the file as editable.

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