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Re: Is this possible? <More Info>

From: David Taylor
Subject: Re: Is this possible? <More Info>
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2001 01:11:49 -0800

Don Weeks wrote:

> I need to pass this info over to another system, perhaps the problem
> reporting tool or the project management tool:
>       PR# 321 was solved by adding foo.c version 3.2.1 and foo.h version
> 3.3.1. These now have the tag REL3.2 (This implies that if I checkout all
> the files using tag REL3.2, I can build the entire product.)

Sometimes called "change sets".

If the problem reporting tool is Bugzilla, then you may find cvszilla to be

It contains a Perl script, that can be run from loginfo, that passes loginfo
(name of file, old and new version, log message) to  the Bugzilla record for the
bug cited in the log message.

If you're not using Bugzilla, you still may want to view cvszilla as one example
of interfacing CVS with a problem tracker.


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