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Re: manual modifications to the repository

From: Arcin Bozkurt
Subject: Re: manual modifications to the repository
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 10:31:09 -0500

On Wednesday 05 December 2001 18:16, Gene Volkov wrote:
> > 2. Manuall edit a 'file,v' to associate a new tag with an old
> > version.
> >
> >There's no reason to do this at all, ever. Look at the -r and -F options
> >to
> >tag and rtag. Even if I don't understand exactly what you mean, I can't
> >think of anything you could possibly be talking about that can't be done
> >with ordinary cvs commands.
> Well I'm still interested in a reply to this if I need to do this: How can
> I rename HOLIDAY branch to PROD branch, at the same time deleting branch
> HOLIDAY? (rename a branch, not a module and I don't want to use cvs rtag -b
> -r HOLIDAY PROD <modulename>, in which HOLIDAY stays around)

Can a branch be deleted??
Suppose instead of the renaming that Gene wants to do, you really want to 
delete the branch (it doesn't make sense but...) In this deleting the tag, 
will just clean the name "holiday" from the symbols list in the ,v file. So 
it should be possible to do it with

cvs tag -d holiday


Back to the problem:

cvs rtag -r HOLIDAY PROD
(when HOLIDAY tag name is not found, nothing should happen unless -f is used.)

Now you have holiday and prod pointing to same thing,
now with -d on rtag you should be able to remove HOLIDAY.
cvs rtag -d HOLIDAY

Am i right?

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