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Re: manual modifications to the repository

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: manual modifications to the repository
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 11:42:12 -0500 (EST)

Arcin Bozkurt writes:
> Can a branch be deleted??
> Suppose instead of the renaming that Gene wants to do, you really want to 
> delete the branch (it doesn't make sense but...) In this deleting the tag, 
> will just clean the name "holiday" from the symbols list in the ,v file. So 
> it should be possible to do it with
> cvs tag -d holiday
> Right?

Right.  Deleting a branch tag just deletes the tag, it doesn't delete
any revisions that were on the branch.  (Of course, this can make it
somewhat difficult to get to those revisions in the future.)

> Back to the problem:
> cvs rtag -r HOLIDAY PROD
> (when HOLIDAY tag name is not found, nothing should happen unless -f is used.)
> Now you have holiday and prod pointing to same thing,
> now with -d on rtag you should be able to remove HOLIDAY.
> cvs rtag -d HOLIDAY

Nope.  PROD will be pointing to the most recent revision on the branch
and it will not be a branch tag.  Even if you specify -b as well, you
get a branch on the most recent revision rather than at the root of the
branch.  The only way to create an alias for a branch tag is with admin

        cvs admin -nPROD:HOLIDAY
        cvs tag -d HOLIDAY

-Larry Jones

Like I'm going to get any sleep NOW. -- Calvin

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