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logs of revisions since release

From: Chuck . Irvine
Subject: logs of revisions since release
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 14:43:46 -0600

For a new release of our software, we would like to get a listing of 
log messages of all revisions since the last release. Our release 
builds typically take place on a branch.

Since this seems like such a common place thing to do, I figured that 
CVS would have a mechanism to support it. I'm beginning to think that 
this might not be true.

For each release, we tag our repository, so say I have tags R1 and R2. 
Passing "-rR1:R2" to the log command won't work because this will give 
me the log message for the release corresponding to R1. 

"-rR1::R2" won't work because this doesn't give me a log message for 
R2, which I need. 

At first glance, it looked like "-rR1::" might do the trick,  since the 
docs describe the effect of this as "Revisions starting just after rev 
to the end of the branch containing rev". However, this doesn't work 
either if the corresponding file hasn't been modified on the branch. 
Say that R1 is a tag for a revision on the trunk. "-rR1::" will give 
you all revisions ON THE TRUNK after R1. 

I can kind of get what I want by using the diff command instead. "cvs 
diff -rR1 -rR2" will give me all the differences between R1 and R2. 
>From this output, I can pick out the relevant revisions, and then 
invoke the log command on them.

I've went on long enough. Any help (or commiseration) appreciated. 


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