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Reverting changes of Locally Modified

From: Richard
Subject: Reverting changes of Locally Modified
Date: 7 Dec 2001 09:21:59 -0800

Here's the scenario....

1) cvs checkout PROJECT
2) make changes to file1, file2, file3
3) ooops, it didn't want to make changes to file2
4) cvs status file2 = 'Locally Modified'

Question: how to get back the clean/original file??
Correct me if I'm wrong, but...
- cvs release only works on directories
- I thought that 'update -C' would do this, but the -C option was not
listed in my version. ( When did this feature get added? And yes,
maybe I should upgrade but that decision is not up to me :( )
--  P.S. It's also not listed here: . Is there a
more recent version of a reference card like this??

What I did was to move file2 to file2.old and then do an update. Is
this the proper procedure??

Rich More

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