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Re: merge losing changes, no Conflict

From: Jacob Burckhardt
Subject: Re: merge losing changes, no Conflict
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 11:41:51 -0800

Larry Jones writes:
> Dave Thorn writes:
> > 
> > However, several times recently I have found code to mysteriously
> > stop working (investigation suggests this is after someone else
> > commits changes to the file), not through compile errors, but logic,
> > and when I look, the changes I made recently have gone.  There were
> > a few .# files hanging around in the directory, which contained my
> > changes, but the cvs update did *not* report a Conflict, which I
> > understand and can easily deal with.  The changes don't even appear
> > to have been at similar places within the file, so I don't
> > understand why there are problems.  Is this expected behaviour?
> No, of course it's not expected behavior.  By far the most frequent
> cause of "lost changes" is someone doing an update on a file while they
> have it open in a text editor and then later saving the file from the
> editor (perhaps by exiting) and overwriting the updated file.

I'm sorry I'm replying to such an old posting, but I wanted to mention
that another possible explanation is that cvs is merging incorrectly.
cvs-1.11 and earlier versions had a bug which can cause this.
cvs-1.11.1 and later versions have a fix for it.

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