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CVSNT authentication/CVSROOT problem

From: Thilo Schwidurski
Subject: CVSNT authentication/CVSROOT problem
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 21:48:31 +0100


I installed the NT server service and want to use it locally as a scm for
java resources within the Eclipse IDE.
(Non Eclipse-users, please dont stop reading here - maybe my problem is
not related to this IDE at all.)

The NT server serive ( Build36) is installed and runs in
pserver-mode without "pserver impersonisation". I am not using cvs other
than locally (an my firewall hopefully hides remote access) so this should
be secure enough for me. (Of course if there should be a practicable more
secure solution in this special case I would be glad to know about it).

I want all my cvs-server files to be stored in/under the directory

How has the CVSROOT environment-variable to be set exactly in this case?
Do I really have to set it anyway? Im asking because I already have set an
entry "c:\develop\cvs" in the list of "Valid Repository Roots" in the CVSNT
configuration GUI (cvsnt.cpl).
Or are the following observations totally unrelated to the setting of

I tried to use the following "CVS location"-strings in Eclipse:

":pserver:address@hidden:/cvs" . Doesnt work. The connection to the server is
obviously established, but as resulting message I get "no such repository".

":pserver:address@hidden:c:\develop\cvs" obviously finds a repository, but the
login is unknown. I have created the "passwd" file in c:\develop\cvs (also
copied and renamed it to ".passwd" just in case...;-) and added an
"ts:<cryptedPassword>" entry - where <cryptedPassword> was generated by
Anyway, I dont want to use an absolute path in the "CVS location" but to use
the "mapping" (in my view) provided by the CVSROOT variable.


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