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Re: Removing a directory from CVS impossible?

From: Rob Lahaye
Subject: Re: Removing a directory from CVS impossible?
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 11:59:08 +0900

Rajesh Patwardhan wrote:
>Use commands as 
>cvs up -P
>cvs co -P so it prunes empty dir at checkout time.

The problem is as follows:

on CVS repository:

  dirX/ : exists but is empty
          (I simply haven't found a way to delete a CVS-directory

on working directory at my PC:
  dirX/ : exists, since it's generated by some package in the
 process, but there's not CVS entry/info.

In this situation, "cvs update -P" chokes on the fact that it insists
on the CVS/Entries file in dirX, which it can't find.
This results in the following warning/error message:

cvs update: cannot open CVS/Entries for reading: No such file or directory

There seems to be nothing that can be done about that via regular
cvs commands. Is there?

Only when I empty dirX on my PC manually, the update goes just fine!?!


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