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Re: Unix/Windows CR/LF Problems

From: Robert Kirkbride
Subject: Re: Unix/Windows CR/LF Problems
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 15:26:27 +0000

I see. So should I ensure all my files are stored in the repository with just LF?

Then WinCvs will translate LF <-> CR/LF when checking in/retrieving.

If this is right then I need to run a script over all my ,v presumably?


On 2001.12.11 15:24 address@hidden wrote:

The effect you describe might happen, when you checked in the files
under unix, but the files were originally created on Windows (with
CR/LF endings). Then they will end up in the repository with CR/LF
endings. If you then checkout from the repository under Win, the
wincvs client will translate LF -> CR/LF as it doesn't expect
files to contain CR/LF.


On 12/11/2001 01:33:50 PM GMT Robert Kirkbride wrote:
>I'm not sure if this is a WinCVS question or CVS in general.
>We've got some source files that are updated under Linux (1.11p1) and
>under Windows.
>This seems to work ok but sometimes once when they are checked out
>within Windows the lines are double spaced in Visual Studio (and it
>produces a warning). In fact, they have a CR/CR/LF sequence instead
>just CR/LF or CR.
>Am I wrong in expected this to work ok?
>Rob Kirkbride
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