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Ignoring (binary) files in update/commit

From: Fabian Cenedese
Subject: Ignoring (binary) files in update/commit
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 08:30:30 +0100


I've read through the archive and there are quite a lot of postings concerning
one or the other aspect but I still have a problem. My first intention was to store the binary project files in the repository as well as the source code. But this only
to have a compileable project after a checkout. I don't want the project to get
updated as it is changed on every open. This would blow up the repository for

1. How can I exclude a (local) file from being updated or committed if it is in the
repository? Neither -I nor CVSIGNORE helped on this. They only work if a local
file is NOT in the repository. (I haven't tried .cvsignore as it is not that easy
to create such a file under Windows...)

Then I thought I could store them in a second module in the same repository.
So I'd have version control without checking it every time as it is in a different
module than the source code. I could set it up but had problems in checkout.

2. Can I checkout from different modules/roots into the same directory? When
I tried cvs complained as there already were cvs files so it couldn't handle files
in the same directory from different modules.

After reading the archive about this I decided it wasn't a good idea to store the
project files in a repository anyway. I can hold it some place else and copy it
to my checked out source files. Works but not very neat.

3. How do the "professional" cvs projects handle this problem? I mean even cvs
itself is organized as cvs project. When I check out the sources are there also
project files? Don't they get updated or committed if they change?

FYI I'm using the downloaded 1.11.1p1 under WinNT4 on a local repository.

Thank you

F. Cenedese

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