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Wacky "Modified:" dates on checked out files.

From: John Daniel Doucette
Subject: Wacky "Modified:" dates on checked out files.
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 10:57:28 -0400


We have a CVS repository setup up on a Novell file server. We access it using "cvs -d :local:h:/.../Repository" convention. We are using WinCVS 1.2. Sometimes when files are checked out, they get a modified date that appears to be crappy from the point of view of a Win2000 PC. Ie. I work on a Win98SE box, and if I check out a module and "make" it, everything works fine. SOMETIMES, if you are on a Win2000 machine, and checkout a module, and run make, make loops endlessly! If you look at the file that make is looping on from within explorer, the Creation date has the time that the file was checked out, but the Modified time is 0, or 2044, or 1964, or some other weird number. Make doesn't seem to appreciate this! On both PCs the module is being checked out into a working directory that is also a shared Novell working drive. After the Win2000 user checks out the module and cannot run make, I, the Win98SE user, can run make just fine in that same directory. And files that the Win2000 explorer sees as having screwy dates appear fine when I look at them! I.e. the modified date is the same as the last date stored inside the ,v file in the repository. Has anyone seen this before? Is this Novell, Win2000, or WinCVS problem?


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