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Re: Visual Basic and case-sensivity

From: James A. N. Stauffer
Subject: Re: Visual Basic and case-sensivity
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 08:43:40 -0800 (PST)

I assume that the reason you got conflicts was because someone else changed
a line that had FOOBar on it.  Is that correct?
--- Øyvind_Idland <address@hidden> wrote:
> We use CVS in our organisation, and its an incdredible tool.
> However, we have a couple of Visual Basic programmers here.
> If one, for example changes a function-name from FOOBar to Foobar,
> the VB IDE parses _every_ single for FOOBar and changes the case to
> Foobar.
> (unbelivable, but its true.. )
> When the user updates/commits the source, the conflicts arrive:
> Every line containing FOOBar now is changed to FooBar, and it
> generates a lot of conflicts.
> Does anyone have a workaround to this problem ? We cant be the
> first ones having this issue :)
> Oyvind Idland,  Powel Gemini ASA
> mailto:address@hidden

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